Vario Woodland

Why Plant Trees?

Paper is a biodegradable, renewable, sustainable, natural product made from trees on commercial farms - it is a farmed crop. The more trees we plant the more CO 2 is taken out of the air. Working tree farms support the environment, producing clean air, clean water, wildlife habitats and carbon storage. Tree farming provides thousands of jobs worldwide.

With this in mind, and bearing in mind that Vario is in the paper business, to show that Vario takes caring for the environment seriously, back in early 2022 we launched the Vario Woodland, with the undertaking we would plant a tree for every tonne of paper used in the printing process at Vario Press.

The woodland has been set up in West Devon adjacent to the River Tamar and consists of native mixed woodland trees. In the first instance we planted 200 trees, namely Hornbeam, Birch, Wild Cherry and Wild Pear and going forward we will plant the appropriate number of trees to coincide with the tonnage of paper we use.

The trees are easily accessible for customers to view, and we will happily organise a visit to anyone who is interested in viewing the plot, which hopefully in years to come will develop into a thriving woodland.