Marketing Resource Management

Digital Asset Management

A centralised solution for managing and sharing content, our system can be your one-stop shop for distributing on-brand marketing collateral throughout your business at scale and speed, our digital asset management system operates as the centrepiece of your business marketing operations.

What can DAM do for you?

Our DAM system ensures maximum integration.

Merchandise Your Marketing Assets And Files

Manage all of your assets online, ensuring they are easy to find via search and an intuitive folder structure.

Make Your Files Accessible To All The Right People

Control access and usage rights with varying permissions levels, and enable your users to download and share assets in their desired format instantly.

Instant Personalisation Localisation

Digital brand templates can be instantly personalised or localised for multiple versions / regions / languages for instant export, without the need to waste resources engaging an artworker.

Create Templates For Export In Multiple Formats

Our state-of-the-art templating system allows you to create one master template with the capabilities for users to export in numerous formats instantly. Website banners, eDMs, DMs, booklets, posters, press adverts and more.

Create A Centralised Brand Guidelines Hub

Host your brand guidelines within your content hub and you ensure that everyone is singing from the same hymn sheet: everyone across your business is kept up to date with the latest information without you needing to share and reshare via email every time a change is made to your style guide.

Personalised Brand Portal

Every client’s Marketing Hub consists of a bespoke designed and branded website, customised for you, beautifully onbrand. Choose between a publicly accessible or private brand hub, with self-service access which means that your users can get what they need on demand 24-7.

When you first get set up with us, our developers will assess your exact requirements and make sure you have all the components, widgets and tools you may need in place for your Hub to function as effectively as possible for your business. You can create whole new custom pages to help you promote new campaigns you are launching. Otherwise your account handler can organise this for you. We can customise the look and feel of everything from the home screen layout to the main navigation, footers, dropdowns and icons.

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Sam Doyne, Operations Manager Groupe Renault

Asset Library

DAM, Content Hub, MRM, Brand Portal

A content hub can go by many different names, but essentially, it is your one-stop-shop for managing your digital assets. Your content hub is your digital storefront to promote the latest campaigns and assets available for your clients / team members to use.

It is fast, it is user-friendly, it is scalable and it is completely customisable to suit your business requirements.

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Brand Guidelines

The Marketing Hub standard set-up contains a dedicated area for the hosting of brands guidelines, to make sure your users always have access to the latest information. By housing your brand guidelines within the Hub, you avoid the common issues of users saving down local versions of guidelines which become quickly out of date and can result in inconsistent communications across your business. The Brand Guidelines section of your Hub is always live, so any changes you make to the rules will be instantly reflected on the Hub for all users.

Templating System

Templates enable your extended team to create on-brand designs to suit their needs in an instant. Build one initial master template and upload it to the templating system, and then leave the template system to manage all the follow-up work. You can define rules controlling the degree to which templates can be adapted before they are exported: elements like fonts and logo positioning can be locked in line with your brand guidelines, while other elements like imagery, copy and calls to action can be left open so that users can tweak designs in line with their specific needs.

Users do not need any design experience; the WYSIWYG system is easy to use even for a complete novice. Once you have created one master asset, users can adapt as they see fit and choose whether to export as an email, brochure, press advert, Facebook post, Instagram post, website banner etc etc. This allows your designers to dedicate more time to creating an impactful initial design, rather than wasting time having to translate it into a myriad of different formats manually.


Your site admins can quickly access useful insights via a custom-build or off-the-shelf dashboard, dependent on your requirements. Dashboards give you instant feedback on your user’s activity, campaign utilisation and Hub engagement. You can filter for more specific information, and configure and export reports at a click of a button.

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